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To improve the lives of Christian Entrepreneurs by enhancing their business potential through provision of affordable credit an business development services using Christian principles.


A dynamic Christian Entrepreneurs SACCO society where members reach the full development of their business potential.

Core values

Integrity and honest

This is one of our pillars. Our team has non compromising stand on integrity, we are honest in all our dealings

Transparency and accountability

Our operations are on a transparent an accountable to all our members.


We have a team of professional who love to do their job


We are committed to improve lives of our members through the services we offer


All our members are served without delays, we value our customers time


CHESS LTD is a membership organization, founded in August 1997 by 20 Christians from Kiambu County Kenya. The founders had a vision of developing a dynamic Christian society where members reach full development of their business potential for furtherance of God's kingdom.

We are open to all Christian Entrepreneurs from all sectors.

Loans and Services

Our members are encouraged to save a minimum of Ksh. 1,000 for a period of 6 months consistently before qualifying for a loan which is usually 3 times ones savings.

  • Normal Loan

  • This loan given to business entrepreneurs to grow/improve their business. The loans are given at 1% rate reducing balance per Month
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  • Emergency Loan

  • This will be used to cover unforeseen costs and or expenses such as medical bills, accidents or other events that may cause undue stress to our members. The loan shall not exceed 12 months at 1% flat rate P.M
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  • Education Loan

  • This will be towards paying school fees for self or dependents. The loan should be repaid on/before 31st Dec of the year it was granted. The rate is 1% flat rate P.M
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  • Haraka Loan

  • This will be used for urgent business needs like an urgent order that requires quick supply. The repayment period does not exceed 6 months at an interest rate of 1.5% P.M.
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  • Kikundi Loan

  • Loan given to active cell groups and repayable on monthly basis
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  • Refinancing Loan (TOP UP PRODUCT)

  • Loan given to members who are servicing normal loans promptly and have serviced their loans for at least half the repayment period
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  • Local Processing Order (LPO)

  • Used to help members with urgent orders Repayable within 3 months.
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  • Project Financing

  • Used to finance viable projects. The rates will vary from time to time according to the credit committee decisions.
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  • Jijenge Loan

  • Granted to new members at two times the number of savings within two-three days after joining sacco.
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  • Biashara Loan

  • A business boost loan to existing members already on loan.
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The current members comes from various places such as Kiambu, Naivasha, Nairobi, Ruiru, Thika, Donholm, Kayole, Rongai etc. The Sacco has taken an aggressive recruitment to increate our membership. Currently with active branches in Ruiru Town & Donholm.

Our Membership is open to:

  • Individuals
  • Joint Membership of upto five persons
  • Registered corporate groups, Welfare groups, Church groups, schools and other institutions.

Join us today by downloading and filling membership application forms


  • Business training

  • Annual member's training and mentorship

  • Local and international business networking

  • Fellowship with Christian members

  • Annual dividends at favourable rate depending on the SACCO's performance dusring the financial year.

  • Participate in the Annual General Meetings where members give opinions on how to run the SACCO

  • Marketing member's products through trade fairs and exhibitions that are held annualy

Some of our members

Tiras Mbugua Mbugu

Business: Ridges Ritz Retaurant

Tiras Mbugua Mbugu has been a CHESS member since May 2009. Together with his wife, Lucy Wanjiru Mbugua, they run a restaurant based in Ruiru town. He has been in hotel business for 16 years, offering various kinds of services like outside catering and hotel management courses.He has been able to expand his business from a single restaurant to 2 restaurants thus creating more jobs with 20 employees.

Joyce Mukuhi Macharia


Joyce is a mother, a wife, retired teacher and a church leader. She joined CHESS in 2003 as a farmer and a teacher. She farms tomatoes, mangoes, passion fruits, spinach and sukuma her main customers are residents of Thindigua. She is a wife to Bishop John Macharia, a board member, CHESS. Their 5 children are also members of CHESS.She has also undertaking the PW business training at CHESS. She plans to start her own grocery shop near her home to take care of the growing number of residents at Thindigua town.

George Kamau Waithiru

Business: Handyman Ventures LTD, Ruaka Mkt.

George has been our member since July 2005. He is in contractors business doing building renovations & interior works for 10 years now. He also has a hardware shop at Ruaka market which serves as a retail business for the people of Ruaka town. Handyman ventures ltd has employed 6 people and aim to employ more as they target corporate organizations to be their customers. They also aim to set up a concrete precast production factory as part of their business expansion programs.

Samuel Njau Gicharu

Business: Retail Shop, Kirigiti,Kiambu.

Samuel joined CHESS in 2006; he has a retail shop at Kirigiti shopping center dealing with food stuff, school stuff, mattresses, shoes, clothes. He has 7 employees among them his wife Lucy Njoki Njau, who is also a CHESS member, and his 2 children are also CHESS members. His wife underwent PW training in the year 2016, whereby she started her own business of baking cakes, making samosas and sausages. Future plans: to expand his mini supermarket into a supermarket and create more jobs.

Peter Njuguna Gathuri

Business: Njuka Scrap Metal
Natuer: Buying & Selling Scrap Metal

Peter Njuguna has been CHESS member since May 2015. He has been in scrap business for 13 years, Metal recycling and scrapping is a lucrative business for many, especially in tough economic times. While it's a dirty and possibly dangerous job, high metal prices can dictate large financial returns. A scrapping business can end up making money in two major ways: Some people will pay you to haul away junk which you can then break down and sell to buyers. His other source of income is from tea farming. Peter Njuguna has created employments from his business. He pays Kes. 55 per kilo to his suppliers who include street children and residents of Donholm, Kayole, Tasia, Umoja.

Samuel Kimani Kariuki

Business Name: Sunawa Feeds
Nature: Primary Industry & Selling Animal Feeds

Samuel has been CHESS member since February 2009, He has been in animal feeds business for 10 years. The business is located in Donholm area he does his own animal feeds production and sells to customers.He has 10 employees. His target customers are:

  • Juanco sps Ltd
  • Agro chemical chemical Ltd
  • Ralu stored kiambu

Elizabeth Wanjiru Kuria

Business Name: Resource Awareness And Training Centre
Nature: Restraunt & School For Catering

Elizabeth kuria has been CHESS member since November 2001. She owns a hotel at Donholm town where by she has recruited 5 staff. The hotel serves the people of Donholm and its outcasts. She also started a bakery class and targets the following:

  • Women group projects-mostly from the poor section
  • Youth group projects-including street children
  • School drop outs
  • Tertiary and secondary education level graduate
  • Other individuals-entrepreneurs.

Edwin Njoka Njoroge

Business: Durable Weighing Scales.
Nature: Weighing Scale.

Edwin Njoka has been CHESS member since July 2016.He has been in weighing scale business for 10 years .The business is in Donholm area, he makes digital weighing machine, ‎analyzers‎, counters‎, electrical instruments‎, measuring instruments‎, flow Instruments. He also does repair and maintenance for scale, He is the one who manages the business and employed 2 people. Target market:

  • Retailers
  • Shopkeepers
  • Business people.